New Beer Rule #8: More beer, less analysis

NEW BEER RULE #8: Always take beer more seriously than yourself.

This needs little explanation.

But to be clear, this is a beer rule. Not a life or work rule. The alternative version goes like this: Ask yourself if it’s the beer you are taking too seriously or yourself.

The rule popped into my mind not long after I hurriedly posted my Thursday morning musing, so here are those links again and one to a discussion that followed.

Over Analysis Syndrome (from brewer Matt Van Wyk)
Armchair Brewer Syndrome (from brewvana)
Drinking the same beer way too long (from The Beer Mapping Project)
Rating Beer Raters? (Rate Beer discussion – Matt must still be amazed what he wandered into)

You connect the dots.

5 thoughts on “New Beer Rule #8: More beer, less analysis”

  1. Is this, perhaps in part at least, and explanation for what I see as “grade inflation” at beer advocate and the rest? So many beers in the B or A category, so much verbage that does not really help IMO. I am new to the whole “real” beer scene and I have to admit, I don’t find these rating sites helpful. There seems to be hardly any average beer, let alone bad ones. Perhaps that’s what they mean by “advocate” site. I try various beers rated and find large differences. If anyone has any recommendations for a site is more balanced, with less armchair quarterbacks all trying to sound like experts, I would appreciate it…

  2. Good rule, and distinction on this being a beer rule rather than life or work rule.

    Matt and I had been talking about this for awhile and here’s the Over-analysis Syndrome that I posted in concert with his:

    When I saw that Rate Beer thread, I wished I hadn’t dragged him into my philosophical BS. I appreciate that he did it. The Rate Beer thread became case in point, with over-zealous people responding without reading the whole thread, much less the posts referenced.


  3. I just read this entry (Sorry, a little late!).

    On our site we review the beer against the standard primarily because we are working toward becoming BJCP certified, but also because when people pick up a particular style of beer for the first time they have certain expectations. The beer fits the style expectations, or it doesn’t.

    After that scoring, we put our own personal impressions. We like beer, so most of the beers we rate have favorable results. Some beers we THOUGHT would be good, don’t live up to the brewer’s hype (or in some cases our own hype based on other beers from that brewer).

    Since even a ‘cheap’ craft beer is expensive (not to mention an expensive one!), people want to have a better expectation of what they’re going to receive.

    Of course, we don’t take ourselves too seriously (thus the punny titles), and we do more than beer reviews since the world of beer is much bigger than just drinking!

    Keep up the good work. I’ve linked this blog as one of our favorites!

  4. Such a tough subject.

    I do beer reviews on my site and I never usually slam a beer. The worst beer I’ve run past is usually a beer I just don’t like. For example, Bard’s Sorghum beer, which I don’t like and would probably not drink again. But it isn’t because its a bad beer. Its a gluten free beer and if I couldn’t drink regular beer, it could possibly be good for me.

    I believe I share a similar belief with my reviews. I like to try different beers because its fun and it exposes me to all the different nuances of all the different beers and brewers out there. One day, I’d like to open my brewery and if I’ve tried and discussed and learned a bunch about different beers, I’ll know more about what I’m trying to brew.

    I’m still pretty new to the idea though. Sometimes I feel I can be a border line beer douche. At this point, I don’t know if I’m defending myself or what. I guess your posts have really made me think about this subject and its always a fear to be to serious about some good beer.

    Would you guys be willing to expand on your point of view more?


    Mike’s Brew Review

  5. Not too much to say here other than the nail on the head has been hit here with this rule!

    If you’re finding that you’re turning into a wino…you’re not paying attention to this rule 😉


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