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Monday beer links: To diversity and beyond


My take: There are problems to be solved. And changing the conversation by pointing to a different one does not mean the first (or second or third) suddenly isn’t one. Beyond that, there have already been enough words spilled over what was easily the biggest American beer story of the week and little need for any from me. I’ll simply add that the initial post was particularly ambitious, and as ProPublica points out such things are a lot of work. So here you go:

– It starts with this post.

– The posts that followed included this and this.

– There likely were outbursts in other channels, but Twitter was enough for me. Consider these three threads (and where they might lead you): From @libman37, from @goodbeerhunting, and from @wackfactory.

– And it would seem a discussion about Women and the Wine Industry might be worth our time.


– The one story I saved during our weeks of travel that you really should read: Craft Beer Changes the Math on Healthy Drinking. “As humans, we’re masters at misleading ourselves. In the craft beer world, we’ve begun to justify our ‘neat habit’ in a cloak of appreciation, advocacy, and artisanship.”

– I might am out of touch, but it seems to me that there aren’t as many beer tastings at The New York Times as back in the day. But when they happen beer fans still go, “Whoa! Beer in the New York Times.” So there was excitement when brown ales returned to The Times this past week. Returned? Yep, after almost 11 years. Without looking, can you name the top-rated brown in 2007? Returning to the current tasting, let’s let Melissa Cole comment.

– I’d be more excited about the recreation of Ballantine Burton had I liked the recreation of Ballantine IPA. But I’m as interested in the details about the process as I am in the beer might taste like. And wondering if that makes the new Burton truly authentic.

Truth in beer reviewing.

The power of rarity.

– It appears every neighborhood may soon have its own IPA. (Warning: the S word appears often in this story.)


2 Responses to Monday beer links: To diversity and beyond

  1. Alan January 8, 2018 at 6:39 am #

    That “snobbery in the intro” thing was one of their odder things I’ve seen in good beer for some time. The upside I suppose was I reread Asimov’s piece over and over to confirm it was a perfectly normal bit of writing. I bet all named breweries are tickled by the coverage.

    • Stan Hieronymus January 8, 2018 at 6:53 am #

      I tread carefully when it comes to critiquing a very skilled journalist, but it almost felt like he figured he’d used his best lead when he wrote about brown ales back in 2007 and had to come up with something entirely different.

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