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From K. Florian Klemp in All About Beer magazine (the print version):

The interest in craft beer has never been greater, and along with that has come a keen curiosity and awareness of everything surrounding beer, including the craft itself and those who practice it. No one brings that into focus better than Stan Hieronymus . . .

Brewing With Wheat captures perfectly the genre of beer culture that is captivating to both brewers and non-brewers alike.

From Jeff Evans at Inside Beer:

Brewers such as Hans-Peter Drexler at Schneider, Dan Carey from New Glarus and Jef Versele of Van Steenberge have needed little persuasion to part with their recipes and methods, so you can even try to create your own versions at home or in your workplace.

On the other hand, if you are just a keen imbiber of wheat beers, the technical details can be easily bypassed for a highly-readable impression of what each style is all about. You can discover where it has been brewed traditionally, where it is sold and, most importantly, what it actually should taste like.

There are facts galore in this richly-informative publication, something that often results in a book that is exceedingly dry and disappointing. Not so with Stan’s work.

From Jeff Alworth at Beervana:

The table set, Stan begins loading it with full glasses–Belgian wits, goses, weizens, deceased styles and emerging ones (the Widmers get a section). These are fascinating and so full of info that I can’t imagine most readers not finding buckets of new info. Like:

* The various forms of witbier that existed before WWI (they looked markedly different from the beer Pierre Celis revived in the sixties).
* How the shape of a fermenter–and whether it has a lid–affects the production of isoamyl acetate and 4-vinyl guaiacol in hefeweizen.
* What 4-vinyl guaiacol is.
* How to give gose the thing that makes it swing.

From Alan McLeod at A Good Beer Blog:

We have to face facts when we approach a book like this. Stan is both thorough and a very skillful writer. He makes a good argument, telling you what he is talking about and then talking about it. You get engaged. So, knowing that, I am going to go off and read a bit more and then see if I have anything of value to add other than to tell you to just go buy the book.

Later: OK, just go buy it. I bet Stan could write an informative, accurate and entertaining book solely on yeast strains.

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