A toast with, and to, Liberty

Good morning and Happy Fourth of July.

I’m almost ready to begin lautering (you start brewing early in the morning on these hot summer days in New Mexico), so two quick suggestions for the holiday:

– Head on over to the Champagne of Blogs and read Our Second Sudsy Salute to America. Topical and regional.

– Drink a glass, or two, of Anchor Liberty Ale. Has there ever better a more appropriate name for a beer to drink today? Remember its place in history. This Cascade-accented beer was essential in setting us free of the U.S. beer monoculture.

To Liberty.

3 thoughts on “A toast with, and to, Liberty”

  1. Happy 4th to you as well. Just hearing you talk about brewing is making me long for mixing up a batch myself. Sadly (or not sadly, actually) I’m in the mountains.

  2. I blogged Liberty Ale today. Not a bad drop.

    Is the Fourth of July the only day in the US calendar where the day (“Fourth”) comes before the month (“July”)? Usually it’s the other way round, innit?

  3. Completely unconscious of the date, we chose tonight to try some American classics we bought over the weekend – Anchor Steam, Liberty Ale and Sierra Nevada IPA (not PA!)

    Liberty Ale was the highlight – a lovely brew.

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