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No beer links (here) this week


At the risk of alienating all of those thoroughly frustrated last June when tickets to see Hamilton in Chicago went on sale, we were among the lucky ones who were able to buy them at face value. Worth every penny, but it means I was otherwise occupied this past weekend and there are no links here. Of course, Boak & Bailey posted their typically diverse selections Saturday: News, Nuggets & Longreads 14 January 2017: Spain, Sheffield and Sober Island

And I do hope you saw these tweets during the week.


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Monday beer links: Style tunnel vision & Belgian newcomers


Brewmasters Reflect on 2016 and Look Ahead to 2017.
This question pops up about one third of the way into this very long post (drop it in Pocket): What was this year’s biggest surprise in craft beer? And Greg Engert of Bluejacket and the Neighborhood Restaurant Group in Washington, D.C. answers …

I don’t know if I’d call it the biggest surprise, but it has certainly been interesting to watch the craft beer market change as it further enters the mainstream. With more and more drinkers turning to craft, they are mostly turning to two broad flavor profiles, hoppy and crisp. According to the Brewers Association, IPA continues to dominate, accounting for roughly one-quarter of craft beer volume, while sales of refreshing Pilsners, Pale Lagers and Golden Ales are increasing dramatically. We’ve long known that interest in malty British styles, say, or smoky German Rauchbiers had and could likely continue to wane, but I don’t think we expected that stylistic tunnel vision would narrow to exclude the newly vaulted sour ales, along with classic Belgian ales and even roasty Stouts and Porters.

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Not-Monday beer links: You happy now, Alan?

German hopyard - because dormancy matters


Monday I wrote that regular Monday beer links would be taking the next two Mondays off. That remains true, but after Alan McLeod complained and because there’s some good stuff you should be reading, a few it’s-not-Monday links before we head over the Mississippi River and through the wood (yes, I am aware it is a Thanksgiving poem) … If you still need a link fix tomorrow (Saturday) morning try Boak & Bailey’s News, Nuggets & Longreads. Happy holidays.

Father and son bond over beer at all 73 Iowa craft breweries.
This is a road movie waiting to be made. [Via Des Moines Register]

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Monday beer links: Stone beer, DNA silliness & that word that’s not going away


Editorial note: Weekly links will be on unpaid leave the next two Mondays. Regular service will resume Jan. 9 (01.09.2017 or 09.01.2017 depending on where you live).

Craft: The Lost Word.
So let’s head into 2017 with the optimistic thought we’ll quit talking about the word we put before beer and talk about beer itself, brewing, culture, ingredients, geography, or anything that does not involve bickering about a definition of something that which refuses to be defined. [Via Boak & Bailey’s Beer Blog]

Beer tailored to your DNA: London brewery creates the perfect pint based your genetic code.
No. Just no. I sense this story has legs, so wherever you read your headlines you’ll keep seeing it, often enough that you might believe that somebody has done a little investigating and established there’s a reason to pay going on $32,000 for 317 gallons of beer. (That’s the equivalent of 3,381 12-ounce servings, so almost $10 for each one.)

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Significant beer digit

Crazy Mountain beer on tap in Asheville, NC

Reading Bryan Roth’s story about American beer sales abroad in the latest (37.6) issue of All About Beer magazine this fact about Crazy Mountain Brewing in Colorado jumped out at me.

Another fast-growing market is South Korea, where (Kevin) Selvy sells about 360 barrels a month and is hoping to increase that to 480 in early 2017.

Four hundred and eighty barrels a month would be 5,760 a year. To provide some context, sales in South Korea alone (not even its best foreign market) would have made Crazy Mountain the 184th largest microbrewery in the United States in 2015. There are, of course, 176 larger regional breweries, including Crazy Mountain, and then some rather big breweries not classified as craft. But Crazy Mountain Korea would easily be larger than more than 90% of the 5,000-plus breweries in the U.S.

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