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About Appellation Beer

Does it matter where a particular beer, any beer, is brewed?

I first asked that question here in November of 2005. And since folded in a few more questions, such as how it is brewed, where the ingredients are from, why history matters and, before this gets too long, just about everything covered in the first chapter of Brewing Local.

This blog has wandered off course more than once during the years that followed. Sometimes just for fun — for instance, New Beer Rules — and sometimes because the beer blogosphere grew and I felt compelled, often for no good reason, to comment about just about anything beer … and rail against all manner of lists. When I wrote back in 2005 that the concept for this site was still evolving I didn’t intend that it would stray quite as arbitrarily.

One of the inspirations was my research before writing Brew Like a Monk. Trappist is not a style of beer, but an appellation. I’ve written three other books for Brewers Publications since BLAM. Along the way I created websites for the first three. That was stupid, because only the spammers seemed to care. So I’ve given up those domain names and put everything under the Appellation Beer umbrella.

And my goal these days is to stick to the basics, to focus on the role of place in beer and topics related to the four BP books when I can tell you something new. So instead of writing about the big picture, I’ll be sticking to the small one(s). Except on Mondays, when linking to interesting writing elsewhere allows me to be as undisciplined as I was in 2006, 2007, 2008 …

– Stan Hieronymus, January 2017

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