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Monday beer links: Missile silo brings new meaning to concept of beer terroir


Appellation Beer will be on hiatus for the rest of the month. See you in November.

Stock (ale) answers from Goose Island and Ron Pattinson.
Martyn Cornell provides the story behind Brewery Yard, a beer made at Goose Island Brewery in collaboration with Ron Pattinson. Ron has only written a little about the beer itself, but his posts about a trip to Chicago for the beers debut makes delightful reading. Here’s Day One of four. [Via Zythophile]

In Rwanda, Craft Beer Opens the Door to Female Empowerment.
Steve Beauchesne of Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company was looking for a legacy project to celebrate Beau’s 10-year anniversary, and a brewery in Rwanda sounded like the perfect fit. “We were looking for something that’s in our wheelhouse,” he said. “We’re brewers. We’re not well diggers.” [Via Take Part]

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Peak TV & Peak Beer

If you aren’t sure what “peak TV” means then this may help: “When (John) Landgraf said ‘peak TV,’ he was trying to name a problem. Nearly 400 original series aired in 2015, and that number will get higher in 2016. From Landgraf’s perspective, this volume is keeping audiences from finding good series they would enjoy, and this is unsustainable on the network end of things. But peak TV has caught on as a description more than as a warning and that’s because it’s perfectly expressive. There is an insane amount of good television out there, and like Everest (and far lesser climbs), it can be genuinely overwhelming.”

Kind of like standing in the beer aisle at a liquor story. Or facing the taps at Flying Saucer.

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Monday beer links: Changing local culture, hops, in defense of pumpkin beers


Dah Dah Doo Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah Doo Dah La Ti Mi Fa La So Fa Mi.
At the moment last Monday I saw that John McPhee had written about taking his first drink, even if it wasn’t a beer, I knew what the first link would be here today. [Via The New Yorker]

Hopefully Just An Intermediate Stage.
While I think about what constitutes “beer news” (beyond the revelation they’ve named a hop after Ernest Salmon) I will offer a link to a blog Alan and the rest of you may not be reading (next). [Via A Good Beer Blog]

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Just in case Florida isn’t the next hop powerhouse

Conveniently enough yesterday @BeerAdvocate tweeted to a link to a story I wrote for the magazine not quite two years ago. It began, “The American hop market seldom finds a comfortable equilibrium for very long, simply because as essential as hops are in brewing beer, they serve almost no other commercial purpose.”

Business was booming then and it is booming now. Last week I revisited one of the reasons why, and Bryan Roth is posting about hops every day this week. In addition, last week Good Beer Hunting took notice of how acreage outside the Northwest is growing and All About Beer had a story about an attempt to grow hops in Florida.

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Session #116 announced: Anything Gose

The SessionHost Derrick Peterman has announced the topic for The Session #116 is “Anything Gose,” and suggests you learn how to pronounce it.

I choose the Gose style in particular since it can be approached in so many different ways. Want to talk about the history of the Gose? How about how American breweries are taking this style and running wild with it with different spice and fruit additions? How else has the Gose manifested itself outside its German homeland? Is the Gose here to stay or will it go the way of the Black IPA, once the hot style but slowly becoming a largely irrelevant curiosity? (OK, that might not be your opinion of the Black IPA, but you get the idea.) Of course, we’re all on the look-out for a good Gose, so if there are any you particularly like, we’d love to hear about them.

If you want to learn more about the history of the style, I can recommend a good book.

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