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Monday beer links: Adjective-juggling courtiers in action


There is no solution. This should be a concern for all.
Spoiler alert. That’s not the headline on this story, but the last line. An absolutely fascinating, and damning, essay about how money changes everything about wine, including the stories about it. Leaving those who write about the beverage in a not so great place.

This makes those writers, at best, outside observers of a world to which they will never belong (there’s honour, if little insight, in that). At worst, they become a set of adjective-juggling courtiers, fools and jesters, there to lubricate the relationship between wine-making kings and queens and their luxuriously wealthy global public.”

I may have to find space for “adjective-juggling courtier” next time I order business cards.


First, a couple calls to action:

Brewery compensation survey.
At least it is a call to action if you work for a brewery. There are plenty of people looking forward to reading the results.

From Twitter

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Monday beer links: The Twitter Edition


In concluding his beer newsy notes last Thursday, Alan McLeod wrote, “No need to link to the usual bland beer travel puff, beer pairing puff or puff-packed beer style announcements.” At that moment I paused to realize I heart more tweets than I save links to pass along here because it seems to easier to stay interesting for 280 characters than even a simple paragraph (not that there isn’t puff on Twitter). There was, in fact, some excellent reading last week related to beer and wine that I feel compelled to share. But before getting to them, The Twitter Edition (and be sure to notice those that lead to conversation).


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Session #137 roundup posted

The SessionHost Jack Perdue has posted the roundup for The Session #137 – Good in Wood posts.

Perdue, himself, chose to focus on Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, the beer that launched seemingly a thousand brand extensions. He digs deeply into if it was the first of its kind, concluding, “Does it matter who crafted the first bourbon barrel-aged beer? No, not really, but it does make for interesting discussion. When I hear a thing that doesn’t sound exactly right, I want to know why. It’s unfinished business and it must be brought to some satisfying conclusion — at least in my mind.”


Monday beer links: IP, kids in pubs & stillness


How to Screw Your Brewer: The Case of Toppling Goliath.
What’s Yours is Mine and What’s Mine is Ours — When Yeast, Intellectual Property, and Marketing Collide.
What started as a story about non-compete agreements morphs into a discussion of non-disclosure agreements in the comments at Beervana (first link), and ultimately leads to one about creations of the mind. And Intellectual Property. And beer as art, and even the components of beer as art themselves. I need to come up with a CliffsNotes version of my thoughts on the topic of beer as art but haven’t. So although I’d prefer you buy a copy of Brewing Local this link should get you to the non-summary version (proceed from “The Hike to Hanging Lake”).

My Milk Sour Chocolate Tripe Tripel.
Before leaving the always onerous topic of beer as art, there is this. “What is authentic? What is craft? What is it that motivates the home-brewer, the home-baker, the home-writer and the home-lawyer to make the transition from this meditative silence of home to the noise and disruption of the market?”
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Monday beer links: Pubs, churches & lagers


Thoughts on deleting my Twitter archive.
This happens to come from a wine blog, which is not by coincidence (I subscribe to the Gray Report’s rss feed). But this is a truth that is relevant to all blogs and Twitter (a platform that has changed blogging): “It’s a less sociable world, and we’re all worse off for it. 2018 being what it is, even that statement is going to piss off some people. Even writing ‘piss off’ is going to piss off some people. To them, I say in the British sense, ‘piss off.'”

Sandor Katz
Walk on the Wild Side — How an Off-the-Grid Fermentation Revivalist is Changing Beer.
Would I link to this story if I hadn’t written it? Yes. So I am, without apologies. You can help me decide if makers of wild and sour beers should be labeled Post-Hansen or Pre-Hansen.

Freshly tapped: Allagash’s Little Brett.
A long, long read, but a story that is hard to put down (not sure how the print analogy works on a screen). This is not the primary point, but an important one from Jason Perkins, the guy in charge of brewing. “We could take classic ornery musician approach and say, ‘We make the kind of music we want to make, and we don’t care what other people think. And we certainly only make beers that we want to make, but we have so many beer ideas here. We’re not going to brew a beer that only appeals to a couple of people; it just doesn’t make sense.'”
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