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Pop-up beer links

Monday beer links and musing remain on hiatus, but here are a few “just the links” that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The Calamity of Cultural Confusion: Appropriation vs Appreciation.
A Look At Cultural Appropriation Within The Hip-Hop Culture.

In Trump era, breweries and bars wear politics on their sleeves.
The Beer Politic.

Lagunitas brews Newcastle Ale.
Light Beer, Big Opportunity — Lagunitas Enters the Low-Cal Market.

Brewer Lee Hedgmon Learned the Rules in Order to Break Them.
Lee Hedgmon Oral History Interview.

Just the Essentials — How Distilled Oils are Expanding the Impact of Hops.
The Complex Case of Thiols.
Disclaimer: These are my stories. If hops interest you consider signing up for Hop Queries.

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