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Monday beer briefing: rhetoric and craft beer morality

04.15.19, BEER LINKS

Travel plans during the next two months mean transmission of Monday beer links may be erratic for a while. When dispatches do arrive they may be late and they will be, let us say, succinct.

“Hand-Raised Wolverines” is the most terrific song on Tom Russell’s latest, October in the Railroad Earth. And there is a beer connection. He uses craft beer to provide context in a story that includes change, pop culture, fear and more.

Now it’s snowing down there in Florida
And Niagara Falls is frozen
And all the rhetoric and craft beer morality
Is coming at us line to line

– Another study documenting gender bias in beer.

– London pubs from a woman’s perspective (1964).

– 17 years later, Skip Virgilio is brewing again in San Diego.

– Ed Wray wonders about the moment that keg beer becomes evil. Pray for his soul.

– What happened to calling a beer bitter?

Phoney Peroni.

How Greg Higgins made beer “visible” in Portland’s best restaurants.

– Beer writers guild announces diversity in beer writing grant recipients.

– You’re either on the bus or off the bus. Out of the loop or in.

– An argument that terroir comes at a price.


Everything you always wanted to know about “hop creep.”


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