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Monday beer briefing: Hyperventilating saliva glands, data dump, and the sorry state of beer publishing


New Mexico cactus
Green chile alert: No links here next Monday. We’ll be visiting friends, human and edible, in New Mexico next weekend.

Brussels beer x Brussels food face-off #4 // Pottekeis.
Before linking to stories about the business of beer, issues of the day, whatever, a reminder that we pay such close attention because of what some people like to call the magic of beer. The aroma, the flavor, and perhaps how a splash of alcohol makes us feel. “Unsurprisingly, the Cantillon accentuates the tang of the ettekeis and of the gueuze, causing my saliva glands to hyperventilate and flood my mouth.”

How hard is it to name a new beer?
And one more for pleasure before getting serious. I would have missed it were it not for

Open Letter: The Problem With Female Beer from Mikkeller x Girls Are Awesome.
Not new, but I saw it for the first time last week. h/T Chris Hall. “So Mikkeller, we’re afraid it’s you who doesn’t get the joke. Because when you perpetuate the idea that a woman is an object, you are part of the same culture in which #MeToo incidents continue to happen.”

Coors Light ‘Smart’ Tap Handle Powered by Bud Light Negativity.
Sorry, this site cards you. But, dang, as I have typed before, a story that just keeps giving. And it includes this fact, “Since the (corn syrup) ads aired, Bud Light’s sales have deteriorated further. America’s top-selling beer was down 8.8 percent in the four-week period since the Super Bowl, plunging the brand farther into the red for 2019, according to Nielsen all-outlet and convenience data through March 2.” I’m curious how Miller Lite and Coors Light did during the same period.

Analyzing the Top Rated Beers for 2019.
For those who miss all the numbers Bryan Roth used to post at This Is Why I’m Drunk. The conclusion will seem familiar: “It’s quite apparent that this list does bear out the finding that higher ABV beers tend to be rated higher.”

Local Business Notes: Reisch Beer flies off shelves in return to Springfield.
Following up on a story linked to two weeks ago. Take that, KBS.


Alan McLeod does a better job than I in his Thursday links of digging into Twitter conversations. But let’s try this. Clicking on a date should reveal an entire thread.

There will be some overlap, and if you click on any single comment it may lead you to a thread that went another direction. To immerse yourself further listen to Andy Crouch on the Full Pint podcast: The Eulogy of Beer Writing.


Unpalatable truths: is wine a force for good?
This could also have been filed under navel gazing. “Its defenders, myself included, could argue for its social, historical and cultural value, but at the most basic level, wine remains as unnecessary for existence as scented candles or indeed wine writers.”


Make sure to stick with the following thread (again, to open it, click on the date).

Because there is also this.


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