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The Session #123: CyberBrew

The SessionHost Josh Weikert has announced the topic for the 123rd gathering of The Session will be CyberBrew – Is the Internet Helping or Hurting Craft Beer?

Ocassionally somebody will point out that these days a growing number of consumers never suffered through a time they couldn’t order flavorful beer. And, of course, the internet has always been a part of their lives. This leads to Weikert’s basic question: How is beer drinking/brewing different in the internet age, and how is the internet changing the way brewers and craft beer drinkers do business?

He suggests several, optional of course, topics:

– Marketing beer in the internet age
– The astounding influence of beer bloggers to make or break breweries (just kidding, but seriously, what’s the effect of all of this quasi-journalistic beer commentary on the drinking and brewing public?)
– How are beer reviews (expert and mass-market) affecting what gets brewed and drank?
– Are beer apps for tracking and rating overly-“gamifying” beer (or does that make drinkers more adventurous)?
– Just how fast do aleholes on message boards and elsewhere turn off prospective craft beer enthusiasts?

Post a Session contribution May 5 and leave a comment to be included in the post-Session roundup.

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