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The ‘perfect’ beer & Gatsby’s green light

My favorite paragraph of the week, and I think you can connect the dots to beer:

“Robert Parker is no dictator. He is a storyteller. The magnetism of his prose is that of J.K. Rowling’s, too: you’re first presented with a set of familiar facts and situations, and then, slowly, you’re seduced into suspending reason and believing in the perfectly impossible. Escape into a Parker review, and for a few sentences, there you are, back in junior high, the great critic’s palate—and yours, too—cured of its nagging mortality. In this counterfactual place, there is no perceptual bias, just perception. There is no confidence interval, just confidence. Parker’s 100-point wine is Gatsby’s green light, the orgiastic ghost of taste’s future, the tongue a sudden lattice of infinite resolution, the nose a sudden instrument of preternatural whiff.”

From Robin Goldstein’s review of Parker’s Wine Bargains: The World’s Greatest Wine Values Under $25. It might be a little wine centric for you on the whole, but the last few paragraphs are scrumptious.

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