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Crazy Mountain beer on tap in Asheville, NC

Reading Bryan Roth’s story about American beer sales abroad in the latest (37.6) issue of All About Beer magazine this fact about Crazy Mountain Brewing in Colorado jumped out at me.

Another fast-growing market is South Korea, where (Kevin) Selvy sells about 360 barrels a month and is hoping to increase that to 480 in early 2017.

Four hundred and eighty barrels a month would be 5,760 a year. To provide some context, sales in South Korea alone (not even its best foreign market) would have made Crazy Mountain the 184th largest microbrewery in the United States in 2015. There are, of course, 176 larger regional breweries, including Crazy Mountain, and then some rather big breweries not classified as craft. But Crazy Mountain Korea would easily be larger than more than 90% of the 5,000-plus breweries in the U.S.

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