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Session #31 wrapped up, #32 announced

The SessionBetterBeerBlog has the roundup for Session #31: “Best Summer Beer” and Girl Like Beer announced the topic of No. 32 (Oct. 2): Eastern Beers.

I would like you to pick your favorite beer made east form your hometown but east enough that it is already in a different country. It can be from the closest country or from the furthest. Explain why do you like this beer. What is the coolest stereotype associated with the country the beer comes from (of course according to you)? And one more thing. If you do a video or picture of the beer (not obligatory of course) try to include the flag of the country.

Given that all the world’s traditional brewing nations, as well as the Republic of Texas, lie east of New Mexico no way can I pick a single favorite but finding a good beer should be easy.


One Response to Session #31 wrapped up, #32 announced

  1. Alan September 11, 2009 at 10:18 am #

    Hey – make it a little hard on yourself, wouldja? Try sticking to the country next due east of you. I make yours Bermuda or Morocco. Me? Oh, hey… it’s the USA!

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