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Session #18 roundup posted

The SessionRay has posted the roundup for The Session #18: “Happy Anniversary.”

Nice turnout, although I must confess I was absent. We hiked up Mount Cadillac in Acadia National Park that day, saw nothing more than about 20 feet in front of us because of fog, got totally soaked (four days later and my boots are still drying) and had an absolutely terrific time.

I certainly would have liked to have participated. This is a wonderful year for beer anniversaries. Goose Island, Deschutes, Wynkoop, Great Lakes and Vermont Pub and Brewery are just a few marking two decades for brewing. Takes your breath away, doesn’t it?

I can tell you just where I was when I first (as well as second and third) had Goose Island Bourbon County Stout. Where I was when I tasted Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold, who I was talking to when I discovered Deschutes Black Butte Porter.

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