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Quick reminder: Fruit beers in Session #6

The SessionDon’t forget that the sixth round of our monthly Session is Friday. Greg Clow at Beer, Beats & Bites will host and the topic is fruit beers.

Alan at a Good Beer Blog recently posted about the explosion of beer blogs. If you’ve recently started a blog this is a fine opportunity to announce it in a communal sort of way. Just drop Greg a line on Friday after you post.

And if you want to start a blog but aren’t certain how to get started, Jon at The Brew Site wrote a simple primer.

One Response to Quick reminder: Fruit beers in Session #6

  1. Lew Bryson July 30, 2007 at 5:36 pm #

    Damn. Once again, I will not be in range of any kind of Internet connection at all on the day of The Session. Crappo!

    Unless…I could do a beer-blogging-breakfast before I leave for the hinterlands. Gotta find a blueberry beer for my Cheerios.

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