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More beer links, but first I digress

beer Log LogoIt doesn’t take much to encourage me, so a couple of comments following last week’s list of links means a linkorama this week. However, when I started this post I took a quick detour so the buncholinks will have to wait until tomorrow or the next day.

This is where I started, with this absolutely brilliant sentence from Alan McLeod: “I hate running myself due mainly in its distinction from sitting on a sofa.” I read a lot, beer stuff, wine stuff, tech stuff, political stuff, journalist stuff, music stuff, popular culture . . . and this was my favorite sentence of the week. Just because.

The day before, Alan celebrated his 2,000th post. At the rate Jay Brooks is going he’ll surely pass him soon, or perhaps already has. But Alan has been at it since 2003, although the Good Beer Blog posts begin in 2004, which is the noteworthy part.

That got me looking around. I started this blog late in 2005 after I’d used WordPress for a while on our (not currently updated) Beer Travelers blog and on the Real Beer blog. When we began using WordPress at Real Beer we had to leave behind four-plus years of archives generated by entirely different blogging software. OK, we didn’t exactly have to – but looking over several hundred posts it was shocking how many links out had died and it seemed better to let them rest.

I’ve still got all the posts in an archive, so as an excuse to re-use one of several rotating illustrations (at the top) here’s the first post (and the links still work):

Monday, March 19, 2001

Drinking poses: Do you grasp your pint glass like a weapon or do you stare intently into a pint? A new study identifies six basic drinking poses and what they reveal about the drinkers.

Microbrews, microprofits: The Seattle Times takes a look at “an industry crowded with too much product and way too many companies.” It’s a reminder about how competitive the beer business remains.

Gary McGrath of Pyramid sums it up nicely: “There’s certainly still some romance in brewing craft beers. We continue to have some very passionate brewers, but we needed a balance. To survive, you’ve got to care about both – the beer and the business.”

Gee, didn’t this same topic just come up?

Craft beer sales increased 1.7 percent in 2001. Business is much stronger these days. And there are a lot more beer blogs. Which is the cause? Which the effect?

One Response to More beer links, but first I digress

  1. Alan April 3, 2010 at 12:00 pm #

    Now if I can just figure out how to roll the blog’s odometer I may still be able to keep ahead of Jay.

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