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Monday beer links, musing 12.02.13

Good Not surprising to see that the chatter about “craft beer” continued unabated while we were on holiday. Although it seems like I just did a roundup, here some are additional thoughts, followed by a link to a bunch of other links to long reads about [insert no confusing adjectives here] beer itself.

THIS is the Definition of Craft Beer. [Via Stephen Beaumont, Blogging at World of Beer]

Another long post about craft beer. Pete Brown follows up on his assertion that “2013 will be remembered as the year craft beer went mainstream.” [Via his blog]

“O que é craft beer”, ou “quem se importa”? (Or: “What is craft beer”, or “who cares”?) [HT to Pivní Filosof]

Look Out! There’s a Craft-Beer Revolution Taking Over France. “He opens a bottle of Ernestine, an IPA enriched with rooibos and cola nuts that he bought at the local open-air market Marché Dejean.” What if an entire country devoted itself to brewing Category 23 beers? [Via The Daily Beast]

And in other beer reading. Boak and Bailey’s Beer Blog invited other bloggers join them in writing “longer than usual” posts last Saturday. Because I’m trying to show some discipline in what and when I post here I jumped the gun a bit, but the timing was otherwise great. I was able to drop them into Pocket and read them during the long trip home. Set aside some time — I figure Ron Pattinson wrote enough alone to occupy travel through at least one time zone.

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