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Monday beer briefing: Broken styles, bras & buyouts


1) IPA is broken. Can brewers please fix it?
The Beer Nut posted this title on Twitter, and it is the one I am sticking with. Plenty of tweet-size nuggets here, such as, “I didn’t expect to get such a cliché of everything wrong with the concept of ‘milkshake IPA’ but here it is. If this is what you wanted beer to be in 2019, fill your boots.

2) A Conversation with Nicole Erny of Alvarado Street Brewery.
Lots of beer smarts here, but also some life smarts: “I actually have a degree [in what’s] basically journalism—I graduated college in 2007 and it was not a great time to try to enter the journalism field. It was kind of like, ‘If you want to do this, write for free.’ I wasn’t particularly inspired to do that.”

3) Why the Coors Light “bra ad” is groundbreaking.
Kate Bernot was asked if this ad wasn’t pandering. Pick another beer commercial and pick a man. Would you ask him the same question?

4) Greene King: another one bites the dust.
5) Breweries with Chimneys: Endangered Species?
The sale of Greene King last week, in some ways like the sale of Platform Brewing earlier this month, did not ruffle the feathers of beer geeks. So it doesn’t appear to be a big deal. But, as first Roger Protz does in reporting on the transaction, and then Boak & Bailey do in a post from 2016, bigger forces are at play.

6) Buzzer Beater? — AB InBev Faces Deadline to Buy Craft Brew Alliance This Week.
7) No Deal: Anheuser-Busch Passes on Craft Brew Alliance.
Reading the first, then considering the result, illustrates how complex the beer business is.


8) We Asked Bartenders To Name The Most Played Out Beer Styles.
I will save you the time. Barrel-aged stouts. Fruit beers. Triple IPAs. Sour beers. Double IPAs. Red Ales. East Coast IPAs. Macro Brews. High alcohol beers. Strong ales. Notice that pumpkin beers are not on that list.


9) A wine for “wine lovers”
To circle back to 1): “And I can tell you that the character on the label, in a very real sense, appears to be an accurate reflection of the oily, industrial wine itself. Pretty repellent.”



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