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Is the beer local if the bottle isn’t?

Let’s say that you drink local beer because you think it is important to support locally produced products and further the environmentally correct thing to do.

So there’s every chance you expect the local brewery to use local products itself. But what if it is much cheaper for the contract mobile bottling company — which happens to be called “Green Bottling” — that packages the beer for the brewery to buy from China or Oklahoma than from a plant three miles away.

Kind of complicated, I know. You’ll find the discussion at the Oregon Economics Blog.


One Response to Is the beer local if the bottle isn’t?

  1. Matt April 27, 2009 at 10:29 pm #

    Hmm… very interesting dilema. Especially since there is a chance that our bottling project to be carried out in the next two months could use said bottles. Thanks for pointing out the link, Stan.

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