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Huh? A sweet lager ‘reminiscent of an IPA’

A tasting note you couldn’t make up:

“It’s a sweet lager, with a warm citrus flavor reminiscent of an India pale ale, but without an ale’s added gravity.”

And this tells me what?

Taken from a story about Half Acre Beer in Chicago. The headline refers to it as a “local brew” but it is made under contract at Sand Creek Brewery in Black River Falls, Wis.

One Response to Huh? A sweet lager ‘reminiscent of an IPA’

  1. SteveH September 13, 2007 at 5:23 am #

    Without an ale’s added gravity… okay. Maybe the freelance writer has a Texas background?

    “During his four years in Boulder, Magliaro not only gained an education in beer but in the behind-the-scenes business.

    Four years in boulder is all the educatione we need to start a brewery? Or, at least develop a recipe? Hmm, I still have a dozen or so old home-brew recipes filed away, maybe I need to contact Sand Creek?

    I’ll see if I can find some of this “sweet lager” to make my own assessment, but I haven’t seen it anywhere yet.

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