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Happy 4th of July beer links


An Open Letter to Beer Nerds.
Pick a paragraph, any paragraph. I’ll take this one.

The labels explain how this unique, captivating brew came into existence. Often there’s a “journey” involved, which displays excellent creative skills on the part of the marketing team involved, and no flagrant embellishment or anything. Beer is important and political and life-altering.

[Via McSweeney’s, h/T James Schirmer]

How Big Will Craft Get? Oregon’s Numbers are Suggestive.
There was more sky is falling speculation last week, but also this. [Via Beervana]

Burned Boise beer brewer back on job, wins awards.
“Sometimes, you don’t realize how dangerous your job is, because you do it every day. We work around chemicals and batters, slippery floors, heat. There’s so many different hazards in the brewery and you just take them for granted when you’re around them all the time.” [Via Idaho Statesman]

Beer essentials: The craft beer boom in Japan shows no sign of running dry.
“Ichiri Fujiura, proprietor of Watering Hole and soon to be brewer at Tharsis Ridge Brewing, notes that homebrewing and craft beer are ‘totally unrelated in Japan.’” And this story suggests that is one thing that slow the advance of in craft beer. [Via Japan Times]

MSU’s century-old barley revived to make Michigan beer.
“The whole idea of locally grown barley to make your brew is resonating very well with the microbrew industry.” [Via Lansing State Journal, h/T Jeff Alworth]

So many oral histories, such wonderful women!
It’s really important to collect this history. [Via Oregon Hops & Brewing Archives]

Categories of grisette and grisette strength.
“As usual there are still questions, but hopefully this helps to make the identity of grisette a bit more clear and helps you choose what strength to make your grisette.” [Via Hors Catégorie Brewing]


10 questions to ask about any wine appellation.
Granted, I think in terms of beer and appellations more than most, but there are some parallels here. [Via The Gray Report]


One Response to Happy 4th of July beer links

  1. Bill July 5, 2016 at 8:31 am #

    Amen to the McSweeney’s piece! I mean, it’s a good problem to have, this overabundance of choice… but it IS an overabundance. I just have to remember, when paralyzed by the dozens and dozens of unfamiliar brews on the shelves, that if I can’t make a choice in a minute or so, it’s hard to do better than Two Hearted, say.

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