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Bud Light Lime: Can you dance to it?

If you remember American Bandstand, or perhaps have seen clips, you recall the popular segment where host Dick Clark would take two teens from the audience. He’d have them listen to a couple of brand new songs, then rate them.

When asked for an explanation about the number they assigned it many would say, “You can dance to it.” Or that you couldn’t.

With that context, consider the news about Anheuser-Busch beginning its national push for Bud Light Lime (click if you want; right now the ask you to confirm your age, then show you the single, static page behind it — go figure) tomorrow.

While Bud Light Lime takes its cue from Mexican culture, much of its $35 million launch will be directed at fans of indie rock, electronica and dance music.

The national campaign will feature the music of Santogold. A remix of her song “Lights Out,” as well as the ringtone, will be released online next week at addition, a CD sampler, with up to 18 tracks, will be released in June to tastemakers and music blogs.

Meanwhile, Miller Chill has already started a campaign using the music of Brazilian singer Curumin.

So maybe Rate Beer and Beer Advocate need to add another category to the way they calculate ratings: aroma/smell 8, appearance/look 4, can/can’t dance to it 8.

2 Responses to Bud Light Lime: Can you dance to it?

  1. William Brand April 27, 2008 at 12:27 pm #

    I got a sampler pack of Miller Lite Lime. Passed it on to the light lager drinkers in the office. Never liked Tecate with a lime. Never liked Corona anything. Never likes Miller Lite, actually the only form of lime I like is 1. In Key Lime Pie at Tony’s in Mazatlan. 2. Used as a marinade before grilling skirt steak for tacos.

    Lime beer? eeech! Can;t dance.

  2. MJ Paradiso May 4, 2008 at 4:04 pm #

    Read more about how competitors are reacting to the new Bud Light Lime!

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