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Appellation hops: Czechs use Zatecky label

Zatecky hops protectionA press release from the Hop Growers Union of the Czech Republic indicates the European protected designation of origin “Zatecky Chmel” (Saaz hops) was used for the first time in the processing the 2007-2008 hop products of from Zatec.

Hops from 138 villages in the Czech Republic were labeled with the Zatecky mark. The majority of those were shipped to Japan. The label was first shown to the public last Sept. 1 during the Zatec hop festival.

The Hop Growers Unions submitted the application for the designation in 2004.

“The protected designation of origin ‘Zatecky Chmel’ is the first and still the only designation for hops within the EU and also one of the first such designations given to Czech agricultural or food product,” Hop Growers Union representative Mr. Zdenek Rosa said for a press release. “This also confirms the uniqueness and tradition of these hops.”

Added May 5: Evan Rail adds historical background. There was already a push for the use of “Žatecký chmel” as the correct term for Saaz hops way back in 1922, a move which caused quite a bit of controversy at the time.

One Response to Appellation hops: Czechs use Zatecky label

  1. Todd May 2, 2008 at 9:54 pm #

    Paveling the way to terroir. Smart Czechs. Leading the way to better checks- and with group/national pride. Excellent.

    Why did it take since 2004 to see a label? Did someone finally paid to see it? It took 4 years to get a label approval for raw hops? How long does it take to get a brewers license then?

    Pride sounds great. Nobody likes delay of game. The stands go empty.

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