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An emergency session of The Session convened

The SessionJay Brooks rather hastily summoned us for the 131st gathering of The Session today. He has kept it simple, posing three questions.

Question No. 1
“For our first question of the new year, what one word, or phrase, do you think should be used to describe beer that you’d like to drink?”

I’ve answered this one more than once: Beer. That’s it. Beer.

Question No. 2
“For our second question of the new year, what two breweries do you think are very underrated?”

Since I already picked Summit Brewing for Craft Beer & Brewing magazine that has to be one.

And Chuckanut Brewery another. Even if Will Kemper’s beers are referred to as underrated so often you think they might have become overrated. They can’t be overrated.

Question No. 3
“What three types of beer do you think deserve more attention or at least should be more available for you to enjoy?”

Again, I’ll lean on a thought put forward at CB&B, and that is we need more lagers that taste like lagers. This notion that pilsner is the new IPA has led to too many pilsners with a minimum of pilsner malt/yeast character and a maximum of dry hops, sometimes even stinking of the American Northwest.

Next, on a cold evening it may seem silly to wish for more German weissbeers (hefeweizens if you must), but it will be warm again and there won’t be enough.

Finally, more porters please.

2 Responses to An emergency session of The Session convened

  1. Adrian January 5, 2018 at 11:17 pm #

    I’d wouldn’t be surprised if Summit Brewing stayed underrated forever. Only in a future where the American beer drinker wants every style of beer to maximize drinkability will Summit come into its own.

  2. SteveH January 19, 2018 at 8:48 am #

    More lagers that taste like lagers, bravo. And I’m in complete agreement with Adrian about Summit — here’s hoping their new Dakota Soul Pilsner doesn’t “stink of the American northwest.”

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