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4 days in Poland; now off to Seattle

X KPD winner in Poland

A couple of years ago I linked to a video that featured Polish homebrewers in their own words. This past weekend I met some of those very homebrewers and drank their beer.

It was good.

I was there to judge in the X-th Konkurs Piw Domowych (National Homebrew Competition), which was held at the Zywiec Brewery as a part of the Birofilia Festival.

I judged American IPA and California Common as well as the Grand Champion, which meant another duty was mispronouncing too many names (sorry homebrewers, and for the dirty thoughts I had about all those grade school teacher who mangled mine) while handing out awards. I shook hands, and when the winner was a woman kissing was also involved. The photo of Gabriela Bujok accepting the certificate for second in California Common is courtesy of Volker R. Quante.

There’s much more to report, both about homebrewing in Poland and the beer culture. But right now I have to finish up a presentation about hops for the National Homebrew Conference in Seattle.

One Response to 4 days in Poland; now off to Seattle

  1. Alan June 19, 2012 at 6:03 pm #

    Very jealous. I worked in Poland in 1991 and love the country / people. Only land I ever visited where an entertainment inside a bar was shooting off marine flares.

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