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28 days of beer with change left over

Gee, I wish I’d thought of this idea.

The February issue of Food & Wine magazine has an article telling you how to “Become a Wine Expert in 28 Days.”

Stephen Beaumont saw this and did the math:

Just for fun, I added up the month’s wine costs and found that, not including the Sonoma wine-country weekend the author advises the reader to plan on Day 17, the total price of becoming a 28 Day Wine Expert is $1,792, or an average of $64 a day.

Then he imagines “if the story had instead been ‘Become a Beer Expert in 28 Days.'”

Day 2 in (Michael) Steinberger’s story highlights a $40 syrah, for which I might substitute a solid American IPA costing about $3. Day 3’s Tuscan red from Gaja ($38) could be replaced by a robust brown ale or two for $5 or so . . .

His point? “When it comes to purchasing power, the beer aficionado has it all over the oenophile.”

Hey, Stephen, you need to finish the month for us.

2 Responses to 28 days of beer with change left over

  1. Loren January 18, 2007 at 4:55 pm #

    Send this wine expert over to Santa Rosa to speak with Vinnie and Natalie…while they’re sipping on $4 beers aged in wine barrels infested with the dreaded Brett most in the wine world detest. They’d never leave!

    Choice stuff Stan/Stephen…glad I opted out of F&W for Gourmet instead.


  2. Henry Halff January 19, 2007 at 3:27 am #

    I’ve always suspected that the wine gene is a very costly mutation of the beer gene. I have the latter, but my son, poor bastard, has the former.

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