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Monday beer briefing: The sameness of craft, Beer Jesus & adorable cans

04.22.19, BEER LINKS

Draft beer selection in Manhatten“Regional variety is exciting,” and . . .
Will Hawkes worries about craft beer “making everything the same, everywhere.” Saturday, Boak and Bailey commented regional beers aren’t generally that hard to find and, “The international craft beer approach might seem to dominate the conversation, but it’s a parallel dimension, clearly signposted, and easily avoided.”

Having spent much of last week in the boroughs of New York City, I poked my head into plenty of places with more than a dozen beers on tap and none of them from the state of New York. Fortunately, I entered with no thought of actually ordering beer and already knew the next brewery taproom where I would drink one, but that parallel dimension is a scary place.

– As promised, Joe Stange provides insights about Stone Brewing and Berlin from where is happened.

-A shot over the bow of the Brewers Association, a dissenting view, and a follow up.

– As adorable as they are, will smaller cans catch on in a way nip-size bottles did not?

– What might pub chain’s ban on cell phones mean for Untappd and other similar apps?

”Day in the life of a brewer” stories were once standard fare when print publications rule the brewing earth.

– South Africans experiment with social justice-oriented grower cooperative.

– Meanwhile, “Why is the wine industry ignoring black Americans’ $1.2 trillion buying power?”




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2 Responses to Monday beer briefing: The sameness of craft, Beer Jesus & adorable cans

  1. Alan April 22, 2019 at 7:06 am #

    I can no longer distinguish between whether something is nonsense or that I just no longer care but this is weirdly interesting from the rebuttal to PKW thoughts on the BA:

    “Despite its flaws, the BA does present a threat to the capitalist paradigm that is bolstered by the current administration, and that is exactly what the economy and beer industry need in order to prevent corporatocracy and monopoly under the guise of a diverse portfolio. ”

    I have never equated any brewing with anything but a capitalist agenda. Brewing is one of the classic examples of the capitalist construct whether in its multi-national form or the mom and pop. If anyone believes that the BA is working otherwise has to have been operating under a profound wilful blindness for the last decade and more of irrational exuberance over market share stats.

  2. Aaron April 29, 2019 at 10:01 am #

    Alan, I’m aware that breweries (and… all businesses) are capitalist. I was trying to say that the BA represents diversity over monoculture, and that the latter is bad. It may still be nonsense. Cheers

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