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Weekend drinks links

In case you missed these blog posts last week . . .

  • Can you make money blogging about drinks? That was one topic of discussion at the Wine Writers Symposium last week in northern California. (You could have taken many of the panel topics, plugged in “beer” instead of “wine” and it would have made sense, such as “What wine writers need to know about wine.”) As far as blog advertising goes, Steve Heimoff (who works of Wine Spectator) says we’re “not even close” to a tipping point.
  • Jeff Alworth ends up in the woodshed, getting into a whole lot more trouble than I did when commenting on Malcom Gladwell’s “Drinking Games.” You probably need to start here (read the comments), perhaps detour to what Alan McLeod has to say, and then return to lessons Jeff might have learned.
  • Mark Dredge has tasted BrewDog’s Sink The Bismarck: “Maybe the hoppiest beer I’ve ever had, earthy, citrus, floral, imperial. So thick and full bodied, like syrup, like honey. It smells like a hop sack, so fresh, uniquely fresh, like hop resin, hop oil on the finger tips. It’s sweet like candy but hot like bourbon, it’s smooth but jagged, it’s bitter, it’s intense, it’s astonishing. Five months in the making, this is insane US Extreme IPA meets Scottish whisky, an unimaginable blend.”
  • 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Natty Light. Including No. 11, that Anheuser-Busch owns the domain name
  • You may now return to your glass of beer.



    One Response to Weekend drinks links

    1. Mario (Brewed For Thought) February 22, 2010 at 10:10 am #

      Ironically, Mark is in the BrewDog video you posted (around 1:07).

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