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Weekend beer reading (and viewing)

So let’s get right to this World Cup football thing. Story in Yahoo! Sports (thanks to Neal Stewart) points out the financial benefits for sports bars and large breweries.

This video from Freetail Brewing in San Antonio (which is approaching 50,000 views on YouTube) indicates they are more widespread. My local brewpub (Turtle Mountain Brewing) is the only official U.S. Soccer Bar in New Mexico and has been open at 8 a.m. most days during the early rounds.

  • The Rise and Fall of New Albion Brewing. profiles Jack McAuliffe, including bits of history I’ve never read elsewhere.
  • It’s not just about cheaper beer. ABC News explains how a bill in Congress that would reduce taxes for small breweries would create new jobs. Video included.
  • What I meant to say. Kelly Ryan reveals the whole story behind Epic Thornbridge Stout, the collaboration beer I wrote about for May’s Session.
  • Shopping with Tom Peters. Monk’s Cafe owners Tom Peters was creating outlandish beer dinners at a joint called Copa, Too! when your local brewer might still have been in knickers. Beer Appétit heads to the market with Peters to find the ingredients for a dinner at Monk’s. Included are interviews Tomme Arthur of Lost Abbey Brewing and Gordon Grubb of Nodding Head in this YouTube program. (Tip from the Lost Abbey blog.)
  • Wine writers and wine bloggers. With the 3rd annual Wine Blogger Conference beginning Tom Wark writes “I believe all wine bloggers are wine writers, but all wine writers are not wine bloggers.” I added this link first because the gathering is organized by the some company behind the first Beer Bloggers Conference. Second because I’m not exactly sure what point Wark is making, but it seems to point out another difference between beer and wine and remind us all that . . . Beer is not the new wine.
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