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The Session #70 recapped; No. 71 announced

The SessionDavid J. Bascombe has recapped the The Session #70: Don’t Believe the Hype. Lots of interesting thoughts, and — this is one point of The Session — I added a few more bloggers to my “read regularly” list. Oh, and I still don’t believe the hype.

John at Homebrew Manual has announced the topic for #71 in January: Brewers and Drinkers. It comes with an explanation:

Brewers and Drinkers is about your relationship with beer and how it’s made. Do you brew? If so why? If not, why not? How does that affect your enjoyment of drinking beer?

Here are some things to think about if you’re stuck:

* Do you need to brew to appreciate beer?
* Do you enjoy beer more not knowing how it’s made?
* If you brew, can you still drink a beer just for fun?
* Can you brew without being an analytical drinker?
* Do brewers get to the point where they’re more impressed by technical achievements than sensory delight?
* Does more knowledge increase your awe in front of a truly excellent beer?

Just in case the world is ending Dec. 21, here are my answers now: no, huh?, yes, yes, some, and yes. Perhaps they will be better explained Jan. 4, and perhaps I’ll ramble on about something entirely different.

To participate, write a post and leave a link in comments that follow the announcement.

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