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That dream beer job? There’s a job element


Brewing Historians…Way More than Beer.
Fred’s beer: a sampling of what he left behind.
If you are an archivist who has written about beer, as Daria is, or a journalist who has written about the history of beer, as I have, when a story appears that may be headlined “The Smithsonian Will Pay Someone $64,000 a Year to Drink (and Research) Beer” you are going to see multiple versions of it show up in your inbox. The first post, from Susan Evans, director of Smithsonian Food History programs at the National Museum of American History, provides a better explanation of what the job is really about than most of the headlines. The second post, from Tiah Edmunson-Morton, archivist at Oregon State University, is a snapshot of what it is like to be an archivist, why preservation matters, and as a bonus includes lots of details about the Fred Eckhardt Papers.

“So I encourage you all to engage in the history that is meaningful to you and represents the places you live. Engage in preserving, collecting, and sharing the history of your communities – and find a place for those materials to live, safely, so that we can keep them accessible for future generations.” [Via Oregon Hops & Brewing Archives ]

‘Beer shaming’ is a real thing.
Sad. [Via OnMilwaukee]

Are Craft Breweries in Colorado Reaching the Saturation Point?
The “how many breweries is too many breweries?” question really is a local one, isn’t it? [Via Fermentedly Challenged]

Cream Beer Before Cream Ale In 1820s New York City.
Francis Perot Brewed 116 Times In 1821 to 1822.
It will be interesting to see where this leads. [Via A Good Beer Blog]

Ready-to-Sell Brewery Bought, Surprising None.
“Here in Oregon, no one is gnashing her teeth.” If a beer (or the brewery where is is made) hasn’t connected with drinkers in the place where it is brewed can it elsewhere? [Via Beervana]

Why You Should Be Skeptical About The Purported Health Benefits of Beer.
Every week there are stories about the healthy or unhealthy consequnces of drinking beer. It’s probably best to approach them all — positive or negative — with certain skepticism.[Via Homebrew Academy]

2 Responses to That dream beer job? There’s a job element

  1. Todd August 1, 2016 at 2:56 pm #

    Beer shaming? Hell, wait until someone starts up a Natty Light bar that has hundreds of hops and a wide range of flavor concentrates to “Doctor Your Brew” and it only serves Natty Light for your base beer. 😉

  2. Nathan August 4, 2016 at 4:25 pm #

    Whenever people beer-shame me, I really want to say “Yes, I know more about beer than you, and yes, I want a Coors Banquet. Sometimes I just want a beer that doesn’t cost $6+, ok?”

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