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Surreal Beer. The book. Brace yourself.

Max Bahnson “leaked” this news this morning. He and Alan McLeod are discussing the possibility of writing a book together.

What we are sure of, though, is that it will be something completely different to anything that’s so far been written about beer. The topics we are going to deal with, well, I guess those that follow our blogs can pretty much figure them out, and they will all be wrapped in a fun and perhaps rather surrealist narrative.

Surreal Beer? Beer Surreal? Not sure which is a better title.1 Anyway, can’t wait for the table of contents, let alone what follows.

P.S. guys. Scoop up that domain name while it’s available.


1 Of course, the next question is: Will this lead to a new consumer group called The Campaign for Surreal Ale?

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