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When beer wishes come true

There’s a reason that the Potable Curmudgeon is near the top of the beer links (on the right). Roger Baylor wrote the entry he posted yesterday back in 1998. That’s when he most of his ramblings appeared in the FOSSILS newsletter, a photocopied homebrew club newsletter. It deserved reading more than once then and is worth re-reading this morning.

Now, through the wonders of the Internet and blogging, you can read it simply by clicking.

The account is about a visit Mitch Steele, who at that time worked in the specialty brewing group at Anheuser-Busch, made to the FOSSILS homebrew club meeting in New Albany, Ind.

It concludes:

At the same time, here’s to the hope that we haven’t lost him forever, that some day he is awakened to the reality that his professional skills are being given over to an advanced technical proficiency that by definition threatens to obliterate the spiritual and artistic natures of his field of endeavor.

Hey, Mitch: It’s never too late. C’mon over to our side.

Of course Roger dug this out of the archives because Steele recently went to work at Stone Brewing in California as the head brewer.

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