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Oregon’s ‘influential ten’

Hip, Hip, Hooray.

Jeff Alworth has risen to the task and given us another regional list, calling his Oregon’s Influential Ten.

I love that Henry Weinhard Private Reserve is at the top of the list. And I don’t know how often people in Portland talk about Cartwright but I’m guessing they should more often. Jeff writes, “No one seems to remember what beers Chuck Coury brewed, but they were impressed that he tried . . .”

For the record, here’s a description from Michael Jackson’s first Pocket Guide to Beer (1984):

Cartwright’s Portland Beer (just under 4%w; 5% v) has the characteristics of an ale and is bottle-conditioned, but is fermented with a lager yeast. It is a big beer with a lot of mouth, but its fullness of body is mitigated by a substantial bitterness. Its ale character derives from fermenting at relatively high temperatures and warm-conditioning.”

Jackson gave it one-and-a-half stars (out of 5).

I’ve recounted Jim Robertson’s description before.

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