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Session #99 topic announced: Localising Mild

The SessionHost Allstair Reese has announced the topic for Session #99: Localising Mild. Or “Localizing Mild” depending on what is local for you.

He explains:

“Each May CAMRA in the UK encourages drinkers to get out and drink Mild Ales. This May is the first, as far as I am aware, American Mild Month, which has 45 breweries, so far, committed to brewing mild ales. Of those 45 breweries some are brewing the traditional English dark and pale mild styles, while a couple have said they will brew an ‘American Mild’, which American Mild Month describes as:

“a restrained, darkish ale, with gentle hopping and a clean finish so that the malt and what hops are present, shine through

“An essential element of the American Mild is that it uses American malts, hops, and the clean yeast strain that is commonly used over here. Like the development of many a beers style around the world, American Mild is the localisation of a beer from elsewhere, giving a nod to the original, but going its own way.

“That then is the crux of the theme for The Session in May, how would you localise mild? What would an Irish, Belgian, Czech, or Australian Mild look like? Is anyone in your country making such a beer? For homebrewers, have you dabbled in cross-cultural beer making when it comes to mild?”

The Session #99 will be called to order May 1.

One Response to Session #99 topic announced: Localising Mild

  1. Bill April 10, 2015 at 6:00 pm #

    Just what we need. Another style based on American brewers lack of respect to traditional beers.

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