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Session #87 announced: Local Brewery History

Lemp Brewing sign, building (background)

The SessionHost Reuben Gray has announced the ground rules for The Session #87: Local Brewery History: “I want you to give your readers a history lesson about a local brewery. That’s a physical brewery and not brewing company by the way. The brewery doesn’t need to still exist today, perhaps you had a local* brewery that closed down before you were even born. Or you could pick one that has been producing beer on the same site for centuries.”

His one stipulation is that a brewery must have been around at least 20 years.

* “Local” allows for breweries within 8 hours drive. In my case that puts Bell’s Brewery, New Glarus Brewing, and Vino’s Brewpub in play. Or closer to home Chouteau Avenue Brewery, Forest Park Brewing, and Lemp Brewing.

One Response to Session #87 announced: Local Brewery History

  1. Jerry April 22, 2014 at 12:29 pm #

    There are so many local choices. Stay close to home! Schlafly would also meet your criteria.

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