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Session #38 announced: Get in line

The SessionSean Inman has posted the theme for The Session #38. With Dark Lord Day 2010 right around the corner you should be able to figure out what he is aiming for.

What beer have you tasted recently (say, the last six months or so) that is worthy of their own day in the media sun?

And to add a little extra to it, how do “great” expectations affect your beer drinking enjoyment?

AND If you have attended one of these release parties, stories and anecdotes of your experience will be welcomed too.

“Was the beer worth it?” and “Was the experience worth it?” might be two different questions.

One Response to Session #38 announced: Get in line

  1. brewer a March 8, 2010 at 7:36 am #

    Dark Lord Day is coming up already? Damn. Better get on that.

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