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Session #109 topic announced: Porter

The SessionMark Lindner has announced the topic for The Session #109 will be Porter. Before you say “That’s so 2007” hear him out.

Possibilities include:

  • Contrast and/or compare two or more of the styles
  • Contrast and/or compare two or more beers within/across porter styles
  • The history and development of the style
  • Your love/hate relationship with any porter style
  • Baltic porter – ale or Lager or a mixed fermentation?
  • Is hopping the only difference between English and American styles?
  • Food pairings with your favorite porter or style of porter
  • Review the porter(s) you are using as a creative springboard
  • Construct a resource along the lines of Jay Brooks’ Typology style pages, see for example American Barley Wine or Bock.
  • Recipe and procedures for brewing your version of a great porter

“Porter” always conjures up thoughts of beer history, and unfortunately history misunderstood. And the thought further occurs to me that anybody who chooses to write about porter in the historic context may wish they first saw Martyn Cornell’s presentation at Ales Through the Ages next month: Industrialization in the British Brewing Industry 1720-1850: The Rise of the “Power-loom Brewers.”

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