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Pre-eclipse beer links: Craft lies? What went wrong?


I spent the weekend talking about beer at various locations east of the East River in New York, and am headed a wee bit south of St. Louis today to watch the sun disappear. If it returns as scheduled I will be off to South Carolina before dawn tomorrow. Pardon the brevity.

The White Lies of Craft Culture.
Not a lot here about beer, but a lot here about beer.

Instead of living up to the vibrant, unique histories that food and drink have to offer, craft culture’s commitment to lifting itself away from its origins has made it monotonous and predictable. From product to product and industry to industry, artisanal quality seems to generate the same set of descriptions — small-batch, local, sustainable, vintage, heritage, farm-to-table, nose-to-tail, crop-to-cup — even though the point of consuming craft products is to enjoy something unique.

[Via Eater]

Can Craft Breweries Transform America’s Post-Industrial Neighborhoods?
[Via CityLab]
Death of the Backstreet Boozer’
[Via Boak & Bailey’s Beer Blog]
A lot of differences between the US and the UK, but interesting to read these two in succession.

This is why my brewery shut down.
Ploughshare Brewing Co. closes its doors.
[Via Lincoln Journal Star]
a) It’s good to get these things on the record.
b) Everybody has a different story.
c) There are a lot more questions to be answered.
In addition, there is always the matter of where the equipment is headed. In the case of Plougshare, Green Flash Brewing announced at mid-week it has acquired the entire operation and will reopen it as a Green Flash brewery.

This craft beer crew makes the freshest beer at Guantanamo.
“I had no idea something like this would even exist here, where a community of brewers would come together and just enjoy the love of the craft of brewing beer. I had no idea. I wish I found this place about six months ago.” [Via Denver Post]

Dad brings a new perspective on Great Taste of the Midwest.
No festival fatigue in Madison. [Via Wisconsin State Journal]

Beyond the Brewery: Driving With Van.
On Facebook, Jeff Alworth explains, “Trying something new. Brewers usually have rich, full lives outside the walls of the brewery, ones mostly hidden to those who just drink their beer. I’m hoping to do a series of short pieces on those other lives, starting with my guinea pig, Van Havig of Gigantic.” [Via Beervana]


2 Responses to Pre-eclipse beer links: Craft lies? What went wrong?

  1. Bill August 22, 2017 at 10:11 am #

    We spent the weekend in St. Louis and saw the eclipse in St. Genevieve. I hope your experience was as cool as ours! Cheers!

    • Stan Hieronymus August 22, 2017 at 10:40 am #

      We weren’t that far apart. We went to Washington State Park – avoiding the interstates, but not bumper-to-bumper traffic for several miles.

      Pretty much cloudless for our 2:30 and truly amazing.

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