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06.03.19 BEER & WINE LINKS

I had not planned to post links today, but this first story says so much about objects of our affection and how things can get strange that I wanted to pass it long. Here it is with some others I’ve collected for reading once I return home from Germany. Meanwhile, hops await.

1) Truffle fraud.

2) A beer for every one of Pittsburgh’s 90 neighborhoods.

3) For the malt freak in all of us.

4) For the non-hipster Pabst fans.

5) Several stories in October about women and beer. This may not be all of them.
- The future?
- An overview.
- Women of color in the beer industry.
- They were women—lesbians!—who wanted to make beer.
- Reinventing the look.

6) Beer isn’t the only drink with a diversity problem.



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