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Monday musing: So long to a great blog

Questions to consider on a Monday morning: Is there life after beer blogging? What trend did Rock Art Brewery set?

  • Jeff Bell authored The Last Post at Stonch’s Beer Blog yesterday. As you can see from the comments that follow he will be missed. Keeping up with UK beer blogs consumes more of my time each day, and I blame Jeff.
  • Not sure that 293 votes constitutes a mandate from a “Beer Nation” but a poll at USABeerTrends indicates that Rock Art Brewery was the No. 1 craft beer trendsetter in 2009. Ska Brewing in Colorado finished second.
  • Best beer related gift ever? A quilt made from beer T-shirts.
  • What country was this man returning to? “Yep. Back home again, in brain-dead beer land.”

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