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Monday beer links & a few not chosen


After two and a half months of pretty constant travel I had to figure I was due to miss a connection, and it happened Friday — leaving me with too little sleep before a very long Saturday, and later in not exactly in a mood to appreciate even the best stories. In fact, some headlines in Feedly left me feeling like I was reading the Onion. (No links, because I saw no reason to actually read them.)

Where to Drink in 8 Cities With Horrible NFL Teams.
The 16 New Beers You Have to Try at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair.
How to Open a Beer Bottle With Pretty Much Anything.
A Beer for Every SummerSlam Star.
5 Beers to Drink After Viewing the Solar Eclipse With the Wrong Glasses, MY EYES, MY EYES, OH, MY SWEET BURNING EYES.

We now resume regular pogramming, somewhat abbreviated.

the role of race in craft beer.

To be clear, everyone has a right to voice their opinion on diversity in brewing, and in fact they should. But when the conversation is about black people, let’s ask the black people, no?

Watch the video (please). [Via alcohol by colume}

Great British Beer Festival is ‘same old, same old’

Our annual grumble.

[Via Morning Advertiser]

Wild yeasts are brewing up batches of trendy beers.

The proof is in the brewing. You can do as many lab tests as you want, but you’re never going to know how something will act until you throw it into some wort and let it bubble away for a couple of weeks.

[Via Science News]


A Bitter Bankruptcy in Yakima: Are Brewers to Blame?
[Via Brewbound]
How your support makes a difference.
[Via 47 Hops]
Ska Brewing Uses Humor to Turn a Bad Hops Contract Into a Beer.
[Via Westword]
Sorry. Lots of implications here, but rather than comment without some fact finding that doesn’t fit into my immediate future I’m simply going to point to something hop farmer Eric Desmarais said a few years back.

When will it end? How will it end? There’s a trail of tears after every one (hop boom).


War of the Noses.
Including more on the “pregnant nose” (a Monday link several months ago). [Via SavenFiftyDaily]


Richard Florida Is Sorry.

The rise of the creative class in places like New York, London, and San Francisco created economic growth only for the already rich, displacing the poor and working classes.

So does this mean small breweries and brewpubs won’t save decaying cities? [Via Jacobin]


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