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‘Life is all about bad decisions’

I’m finding all sorts of fun things to read when I should be finishing a “real” post here and two lengthy stories for print publications. So some quick bits before I get back to work. Please make sure to read the last item.

  • Best line from the National Homebrewers Conference. About two hours into Club Night I had my first mead, then another and then headed over to try Jeff Swearingen’s famous Tupelo Honey mead. I realized I was headed down a treacherous path one ounce at a time, which I mentioned to meadmaker extraordinaire Curt Stock. He replied, “Remember, life is all about bad decisions.”
  • I want to try this beer. Worthington E, as described by Zak Avery. “As anachronisms go, it’s pretty enjoyable, but it’s still an anachronism.” He asks a very relevant question about who this beer is for, and draws quite interesting comments.
  • They had a party to celebrate the release of the trailer for “For The Love of Beer,” (catchy title, reminds me of something) a documentary that focuses on women in the craft beer community. The party doubled as a fundraiser so Alison Grayson can finish the film. (Full report at Brewpublic.)
  • Quaffable? (There I typed it again.) Sunburn Summer Brew from Widmer Brothers. Courtesy of The Brew Site.
  • Philly Beer Week, the compleat wrapup. It appears Brian plans ten parts.
  • Regional distinction is important. Chris Maclean writes in The Publican about “The death of regional variation.”
  • Even more alarmingly, the exceptional cask beers which have recently attained national recognition were now regularly featuring across the country. Timothy Taylor’s Landlord. Sharp’s Doom Bar. These are fantastic beers and worthy of praise. They are well worth seeking out as exemplary products. But they are outstanding products within their own context. It seems to me that, rolled out nationally, they lose their provenance.

    Go read the whole thing. This is important.

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