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It’s not Monday, but here are a few beer links

Garrett Oliver, Brooklyn BreweryGarrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewer deep into a conversation during Great American Beer Festival.

Bryan Roth and Jeff Alworth both do a bit of GABF by the numbers. Among other topics, Roth digs into coffee beers and “German-style Koelsch.” Just for fun, look back 15 years at the 2002 results. Kölsch (39 entries versus 154 in 2017) was one of the more popular categories, but there were only 15 coffee entries (compared to 203 in 2017).

– Matthew Curtis (@totalcurtis) and Alan McLeod (@agoodbeerblog) both use Twitter to broadcast primers on beer blogging. (Blogging lessons from Twitter? Did I just type that sentence?)

– Here’s my story about bees that won first for Best Technical Writing in the North American Guild of Beer Writers annual competition. (Best technical writing? Another sentence I don’t believe I typed.)

– Ernie Banks hit a home run in the first major league baseball game I attended. So of course I am a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan and am delighted with the outcome of last night’s game in Washington. But as a lifelong Cubs fan I feel for Nationals fans (and most of their players). The odds of what happened in what will likely become known as the Scherzer Inning cannot be comprehended. 1 in 2,183,406,113?

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