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In a better beer world, more beer is local

The SessionThe topic for The Session #69 is “The Perfect Beer World,” a concept I’ve struggled to wrap my head around. How does that fit in with the idea of a perfect world? Can you have a beer utopia without achieving overall utopia? These are the sort of questions you need a beer to help sort out.

So here’s one suggestion for a better beer world, which according to my logic, makes the world a better place in general: More local beer.

I could have typed “in a perfect world all beer is local,” but that would require overlooking the fact that some people here have wanted the beer from there for hundreds of years, and sometimes that beer was from pretty far away.

And I’d also be overlooking the fact that we’ve been waiting for the 2012 vintage of Sierra Nevada Celebration to arrive. I probably rambled on long enough about drinking local during our Great Adventure in 2008 and 2009, but it’s worth adding . . . pardon the interuption, but it appears there is news from the Wine and Cheese Place:


Sorry, gotta go.

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