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Hops and the law – ‘Neato’


We just finished moving our books, beds and other essentials under a new roof. So notes taken during the Craft Brewers Conference about some of the various hop-related things going on at Brewery Ommegang are packed in a box somewhere. I don’t remember all the details, but I do remember that Nirvana IPA, which is made for Ommegang at Boulevard Brewing, is brimming with bold American hop aroma. However, only available in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Three 1700s English Court Cases About Hops.
A post about hops that concludes with a one-word sentence: “Neato.” How could I resist? [Via A Good Beer Blog]

Farm brewery still a go in Lucketts—but without Flying Dog.
A bit confusing what might happen to the farm brewery in Maryland that received considerable attention because Flying Dog Brewery was to be a partner. Now Flying Dog has backed away. However, a hops facility on the same farmland, which will receive grant money from the state and county, is not affected by the change and will go ahead as planned. [Via Loudon Times]

Hops yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Hops yesterday, today and tomorrow (part two).
The decline and rise of hopping rates. [Via Shut Up About Barclay Perkins]


From Vikings To The War Of 1812: An Interview With Right Proper Brewmaster Nathan Zeender On Recreating Historic Beer Styles.
I’m pointing to this even though it includes a favorable shout out to Stan Hieronymus (always a bit embarrassing) because it serves as an excellent reminder that the theme The Session #100 on Friday is Resurrecting Lost Beer Styles. [Via War on the Rocks]

5 craft beer bits from Founders, New Holland owners.
Among the takeaways: What aspect of the job has gotten tougher over the years? “The hangovers are worse.” [Via MLive]

Czech village toasts success of self-service pub.
Machine dispenses homebrewed beer for the same prices as lemonade, 20 Czech koruna (80 cents) a pint. [Via The Guardian]

I Started a Fantasy Beer League, and So Can You.
You’ll just have to read it. [Via Paste]

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