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Highly rated beers and boring beers

With a rather provocatively headline, “Rate Beer vs. Beer Advocate: The ratings war!,” Top Fermented takes a lengthy look at how the top-rated beers at Rate Beer and Beer Advocate compare.

Is there anything to conclude other than “it’s an interesting look at the tastes of the user base at both sites?” You decide.

If you have the new All About Beer magazine (“Brewing in Wine Country” is the top story”) in hand the story about the super raters at Rate Beer and Beer Advocate makes interesting supplementary reading.

And for perspective check out Ron Pattinson’s post about boring beer (it’s short).

Now I’m back to writing about wheat beer, fortunately not boring to me.


One Response to Highly rated beers and boring beers

  1. SteveH July 30, 2009 at 6:06 am #

    Appreciation of subtlety has become a lost trait here in the U.S. I’m surprised I’m never run off the road when I’m playing Take Five by Dave Brubeck when I’m driving in my convertible.

    There was a recent discussion at BA of Spaten Oktoberfest and the original poster thought it was “thin.” Turns out he was comparing it to Great Lakes Oktoberfest (6.5 ABV), which was his benchmark for O’fests, of course.

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