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For Monday beer briefing, complete this sentence: “Beer is …”


Eleven days into February and do you know where your flagship beer is? Or what a flagship beer is? My contribution to #Flagshipfebruary posts Friday, and that’s when I’ll add more thoughts here. So this is a No Flagship, No Corn roundup. If you somehow missed the Chronicles of Corn you should be reading Alan McLeod’s Thursday posts.

A Long, Strange Trip — Wicked Weed is Opening Something in Atlanta, But They Don’t Know What it is Yet.
A story as strange as the headline suggests. Wicked Weed co-founder Walt Dickinson rambles just a bit throughout, and there is no single takeaway. He asks, and answers, the question I find everywhere I go these days. “For me, the big line is, ‘How big can we get without compromising the quality?'” Dickinson says. “And I know there’s incremental compromise that happens with scale, but not from production. I think that’s the biggest myth I’ve ever heard.” He provides an interesting example, but I suspect it is not that simple.

Brewers are ready for the low-ABV revolution. But are beer drinkers?
Because this is the way many people think. “First, you take the serving size of your beer. Then, you multiply by the ABV. Divide by the price, and there you have it: the absolute value of the buzz in your bottle.”


North High Brewing | Cover Crop Beer.
#beerisagriculture. I hope they don’t trademark “Cover Crop Beer,” because it would be great to see that name on beer menus across the country. A collaboration with the Ohio Farm Bureau – brilliant.


Bars who take concrete steps to protect women: Thank you.
‘Camaraderie is forced on men’, 1988.
Just in case it wasn’t already clear that bars/pubs that are welcoming to women are better for men as well.

Inside the Yeast Lab That’s Trying to Build a Better Lager.
This Belgian lab is the one that partnered with White Labs to diagram the family tree of yeast. There’s much more to the story than “lager” but I must disagree with the suggestion that “commercial lagers taste so similar.” Although most yeast strains that brewers use can be placed into two families, the offspring have evolved.


The Sommeliers of Everything.
Wine (of course)
Olive oil
Hot sauce
Anything missing? Perhaps @Cicerone will have a suggestion.

Beer a bitter pill to swallow for thermal tasters, says Brock research.
You already knew you didn’t want to be a supertaster. Now you can add thermal taster to the list.



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2 Responses to For Monday beer briefing, complete this sentence: “Beer is …”

  1. Jay R Brooks February 11, 2019 at 2:33 pm #

    I will be the first Frites Sommelier.

    • Stan Hieronymus February 11, 2019 at 2:35 pm #

      I thought you were already in charge of creating the program.

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