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Dumber than dirt in Oregon

Enough has been written about the totally stupid decision by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to ban minors from the 20th anniversary Oregon Brewers Festival. (Links at bottom.)

Instead, let Don Younger, whose Horse Brass Pub opened in 1976 and has been central in Portland’s transformation into “Beervana,” remind us of what it was like 30-plus years ago.

Back in the 1960s it was illegal for a Portland bar to have windows that were less than six feet above the ground. That way nobody could see what was going on inside, which was just as well.

“The taverns serviced about 10 percent of the people. The rest were terrified of (taverns), and with good reason,” Younger said. “There was no wine, no singing, no dancing. We had nothing else to do but get drunk and say [expletive deleted] a lot. It was crazy. I don’t know how we survived it.”

Yep, you really have a better society when you segregate those who drink and those who don’t.

More about this lunacy:

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